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Mental health counseling, a part of our overall health, is something we don’t consider of any high importance. We believe that as long as we eat
healthy and keep our physical body fit, we will do just fine. However, this type of thinking couldn’t be more wrong! A mentally
disturbed person will never achieve true peace and happiness in life, no matter how good their physical health is. The individual will
always negatively perceive their reality and see the bad in everything around them.

Esther Ogbonda -
Therapy with Care &

People cannot understand that therapy isn’t just about professionalism. A big
part of it is compassion, empathy, and allowing the individual to free themselves
of the burden that’s holding them back. Esther Ogbonda is a Licensed
Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor-
Intern (LCDC-I) in the State of Texas,

National Certified Counselor (NCC) by the National Board of Certified
Counselors (NBCC), and a Board-Certified Christian Counselor (BCCC)
recognized by the National Association of Christian Counselors (NACC).

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There is nothing to be ashamed of addictions. Get the help required to overcome it.

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Anxiety Counseling

Even the best of us can, at times, become a victim of uncontrolled anxiety that keeps …

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Behavioral Counseling

It’s not just the appearance of the person that creates an impression, but also their…

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Coping with Life Changes

The world is constantly changing and so are our lives. Sometimes, change is minor […]

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Depression Counseling

Even the most cheerful person experiences days filled with sorrow, pain, and tragedies…

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Some days life is for you and the others, it is against you. At time, we get so deeply involved and[…]

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    Commonly Asked Questions


    Professionals deal with the anxiety depending on the type and severity of their patient’s anxiety. Here are 5 most common ways medical practitioners deal with their patients’ anxiety issues:

    • Relaxation techniques that allow them to calm down during stressful situations which trigger their anxiety.
    • Regular exercise routine that helps build their self-confidence to manage their anxiety.
    • Grooming their personality and physical appearance to boost their self-esteem.
    • Support groups that allow them to talk about their problems and release the buildup tension inside.
    • If all else fails, medication to suppress and handle the anxiety attacks that trouble them.

    The 3 3 3 rule helps the individual shift their focus from their anxiety buildup to something else, allowing them to relax and calm down.
    You can follow the 3 3 3 rules by:

    • Naming 3 sounds that you hear in your surroundings
    • Move three different parts of your body
    • Point and observe three random things that you see

    There are two main reasons why people would be reluctant to seek mental therapy treatments. One is that society thinks people who see a psychologist, psychiatrist, or even a general mental therapist, are crazy and mentally insane. This thinking couldn’t be more wrong. Just like people visit medical clinics and hospitals to treat their physical wounds, they need professionals to address and heal their mental wounds.